Download: INPA 5.0.6 with NCS-Expert

How to install: “Instruction”

1. You need to create 2 different profiles.

File > Edit profil, enter password: repxet.


In open window make settings for first profile (Expert mode) like in screenshot’s below.234567891011

Now just save profile.1213

Profile created, now you need to create second profile with the same options except FSW/PSW,
need to set „from CVT” option.14


Run program C:\EDIABAS\Bin\ifhsrv32.exe.


Run NCS Expert. Click File > Load profiles.16

Choose Expert mode > OK.17

Click VIN/ZCS/FA.18

Then ZCS from ECU.


Choose car model.20

From list need to choose from wich module scan ZCS code, set EWS and click “OK”.21

Scanned from EWS module. FG – its VIN code. other details GM, SA, VN – its car ZCS code.22

Click back.23

Then select ECU.24

Now need to choose module we want to edit:

EWS – Immobilizer unit.
IKE – Dashboard
LCM – Light Blocks
GM – Basic module
ASC – Brake block
GR – Cruise control block
IHK – Air conditioning unit

If something with lights then choose LCM, with brakes ASC,
in this example i will edit „FOLDING OUTSIDE MIRRORS”. Its GM3 module.

Choose and OK.25

In window we see „JOBNAME” its operation we want to do:

SG_CODIEREN – code module,
SG_LESSEN – scan module,
ZCS_SCHREIBEN – change ZCS code,

GM3.C04 – its module code, this code is needed for another program which we will use later.
Now click “Read ECU”.


When module will be scanned, window will appear, close it.27

Module scanned and settings is in Germany langue, so open NCS Dummy program for translate to english

a. Choose car model,
b. Choose module code, which one we scanned,


c. Click BROWSE,
d. Choose “Load FSW_PSW.TRC”.29

Now we need to find option for enable and disable, „FOLDING OUTSIDE MIRRORS„.30

Now click “Export FSW/PSW” and choose “Export FSW_PSW.MAN”.
We edited settings file from module and now we need to import back file to module.31

Now in NCS-Expert window press “JOB”.32

Choose SG_CODIEREN and press “OK”.33

Click “Execute job”.34

If operation successfully you will see in window “Coding ended OK”.35

If you will get some errors like in window for changing some modules settings.36

Use another profile “Expert Mode (Load from CVT)” and repeat coding process again.37

Thats it!