ABG – Airbag Module
ABS*- Anti-Lock Brakes
ACC*- Active Cruise Control
ACC2*- Active Cruise Control 2
ACSM – Advanced Crash and Safety Management
AEWS – Immobilizer
AHL*- Adaptive Directional Headlights
AHM – Trailer module
AIC – Automatic Interval Control
AKMB – Instrument Cluster
AL – Active Steering
ALBBF*- Active Backrest Width, Front Passenger
ALBFA*- Active Backrest Width, Driver
ALSZ – Light Switch Center
AMP – Amplifier
AMPH – HiFi Amplifier
AMPT – Top HiFi Amplifier/System
ANT*- Antenna/Antenna Tuner
ARS*- Dynamic Drive
ASC*- Active Stability Control
ASK*- Audio System Controller
BABG – Airbag Electronics
BIT – Telematic Control Unit
BFS – Passenger Seat Module
BM – OnBoard Monitor
BTM – Passenger Mirror Module
BZM – Control Center, Center console
CA – Comfort Access
CAS – Car Access System
CCC – Car Communication Computer
CCC-A – Applications
CCC-ANT – Aerial Tuner
CCC-ASK – Audio System Controller
CCC-GW – Gateway
CD – Control Display
CDC – CD Changer
CEM – Clean Energy Module
CIC – Car Infotainment Computer
CID – Central Information Display
CON – (front) I-drive controller
CTM – Convertible Top Module
CVM – Vert Module (Convertible Top Module)
DAB – Digital tuner
DDE – Digital Diesel Electronics
DME – Digital Motor Electronics
DSC – Dynamic Stability Control MK60E5 DSC+
DSP – Digital Sound Processor
DVD – DVD Changer
DWA – Anti Theft alarm system
DWS – Deflation Warning System (= RDC low cost?)
ECALL – Combox Emergency Caller
EDC – Electronic damper control
EDC SHL – Electronic damper control, rear left satellite
EDC SHR – Electronic damper control, rear right satellite
EDC SVL – Electronic damper control, front left satellite
EDC SVR – Electronic damper control, front right satellite
EGS – Electronic Transmission Control Unit
EHC – Electronic ride-height control
EKP – Electric fuel pump 3 Generation
EKPS – Electronic fuel pump control
EMA LI – Automatic reel, left
EMA RE – Automatic reel, right
EMF – Electromechanical parking brake
EML – Electronic engine power control
EPS – Electronic power steering
EWS – Vehicle immobilizer
FAS – Driver’s seat module
FBI – Flexible bus interface
FBZM – Rear compartment control center, center console
FCON – Rear compartment controller
FD – Rear compartment display
FD2 – Rear compartment display 2
FID – Read compartment information display
FKA – Rear compartment heating/air conditioning system
FLA – High beam assistant
FRM – Footwell module
FTM – Driver rearview mirror module
FZD – Function unit roof
FZD – Roof function centre
GM5 – ZKE – Central Body Electronics
GR- Cruise control
GT – Navigation (older models I presume)
GWS – Gear selection switch
HKA – Rear automatic air conditioning
HKL – Rear lid lift
HSR – Rear axle slip angle control
HUD – heads up display unit
ICM – Integrated Chassis Management
IHK – Climate Control/AC
IHKA – Integrated automatic heating/air conditioning system
IHKR – Integrated heating / air conditioning
IKE – Instrument cluster
IKI – Instrument cluster
INSTR – Instrument cluster
JBE – Junction box electronics
KAFAS – Camera-based driver support systems
KMB – body module
KGM – body gateway module
KHI – Headphones interface
KOM – Instrument cluster
KOMBI – Instrument cluster
LCM – Light switching center
LEW – Steering angle sensor
LM – Lights module 2
LMA – light module
LRA – Automatic headlight vertical aim control
LRR – Longe range radar
LSZ – Lights switching center
LSMC – Left Stepper Motor Control (Adaptive Headlight Module Left)
LWS – Light Switch
M-ASK-BO – User interface
M-ASK-GW – Gateway
M-ASK-NAV – Navigation system
MEDIA – Combox Media / Telephone
MFL – Multifunction steering wheel
MID – Multiinformation display
MIR- Multiinformation radio
MOST – System analysis
MPM – Micro power module
MRS – Multiple Restraint System
NAV – Navigation computer
NFRM – Driver’s side footwell module
NVE – Night vision electronics
NVK – Night vision camera
PDC – park distance control
PGS – Passive Go System
RAD – Radio
RAD2-BO – User interface
RAD2-GW – Gateway
RDC – Tire pressure Control Low Cost BN2000
RDC – Tyre pressure control
RDW – Tyre pressure control
RFK – Reversing camera
RLS – Rain/Light Sensor
RLSS – Solar rain / light sensor
RSE – High Rear-seat entertainment Professional
RSE – Mid Rear-seat entertainment
RSMC – Right Stepper Motor Control (Adaptive Headlight Module Right)
SASL – Satellite A-Pillar left
SASR – Satellite A-Pillar right
SBSL – Satellite B-Pillar left
SBSR – Satellite B-Pillar right
SDARS – Satellite tuner
SEC1 – Supplementary control unit 1
SEC2 – Supplementary control unit 2
SES – Language input system
SFZ – Satellite vehicle center
SG-FD – Control unit, rear compartment display
SG-FD-GW – Control unti, rear compartment display, gateway
SGM-SIM – Safety and gateway module
SGM-ZGM – Safety and gateway module
SHD – Sliding / tilting sunroof
SHZH – Independent / aux. heater
SIM – Multiple restraint system
SINE – Siren with tilt sensor
SLM – Seat memory driver
SMBF – Seat module passenger
SMBFH – Seat module passenger side, rear
SM – Seat Memory
SM BA – Passenger’s seat module
SM BFH – Seat module, passenger side, rear
SM FA – Driver’s seat module
SM FAH – Seat module, driver’s side, rear
SMF – Seat memory driver
SMG – Sequential Manual Gearbox
SSH – Satellite, seat, rear
SPMBT – Mirror memory passenger
SPMFT – Mirror memory driver
SSBF – Satellite, seat, passenger
SSFA – Satellite, seat, driver
STH – Park heating
STVL – Satellite, door, front left
STVR – Satellite, door, front right
SVS – Language processing system
SVT- Servotronic
SZL – Switch center steering column
SZM – Switching center, center console
SWW – Lane change warning
SZL – steering column control unit
TCU – telematic control unit/ bluetooth telephone
TEL – Telematic control unit
TGBT – Passive Go System
TGFT – Passive Go System
TMBF – Door module. front passenger
TMFA – Door module, driver
TPMS – Tire pressure monitoring system
TLC – Lane departure warning
TRSVC – Control unit for the rear view camera and SideView
UEB – Rollover Sensor
ULF – Universal charging and hands-free facility
ULF-SBX – Universal charger and hands-free facility, interface box (Bluetooth telephony)
ULF-SBX-H – Universal charger and hands-free facility, high-level interface box (Bluetooth telephony, voice input and USB/audio interface)
VDM – Vertical Dynamics Management
VID – Video module
VM – Video module
VSW – Video switch
VTC – Valvetronic
VTG – Transfer Case
WIM – Wiper module
ZBE – Central control unit
ZGM – Central gateway module
ZHZ – Additional heating (diesel)
ZKE/GM – Central body electronics/GM base module