This tutorial explains how to make “coming home light” function with angel eyes when you unlock car with remote control on older bmw models.
How it looks like:

First of all you need to buy “Car coming home sensor”, I recommend to order from “aliexpress“.
Coming home sensor with wires

It’s shown on bmw e46 car, but other older bmw cars have similar wiring schemes, so this connection you can use like example. Below you will see bmw e46 lock control and light control module wiring schemes and how to connect coming home lights block.
Bmw e46 light control module with wiring diagram

Bmw e46 lock control module with wiring diagram

On bmw e46 all needed wires is near light control module, and deeper in panel there is unlocking pulse +12v white color wire.

1. Cut blue/black and green/black color wires from light control module, connect them like in picture with coming home block orange, yellow colours in one side, and to orange/black, yellow/black to other side of parking lights (angel eyes).
2. Check with a tester from light control module wich wire is 12V+ DC and ground, use 20A fuse on 12V dc wire then connect them to coming home block like in scheme below red (12V) and black (ground) wire.
3. Central locking pulse+ (brown) connect to white wire, becouse when you unlock car with remote control locking pulse get 12V for light up parking lights (angel eyes).
4. Time for light up parking lights (angel eyes) you can adjust with trimmer.
5. With coming home block there is sensor, but hes needed for night work.
Connected scheme with coming home light block